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Whether you’re new to the world of IC, need to improve your skills, or want to put the latest tools and trends into practice, Sequel Group’s BRICK internal communications training sessions will help you Build Real Internal Communications Knowledge.

These training courses provide an effective mix of theory and practical skills, tailored to you and delivered by our experienced IC specialists.

Telefónica, RBS, the City & Guilds Group, The Pension Protection Fund, Virgin Atlantic and Kerry Foods are just some of the clients that we’ve delivered interactive and practical training sessions for.

Our BRICK presenters are experienced professionals who don’t just train – they also do. We know what works and what doesn’t: that’s because we’re not just theorists, we’re immersed in devising and delivering projects every single day, so we’re able to tap in to new trends, issues and thinking; and give you up-to-the minute examples.

We tailor each internal comms training session to your team’s skills and experiences, to make it as valuable and relevant as possible. We also consider different learning styles, using a mix of techniques to appeal to people’s unique preferences.

The techniques and approaches we’ve shared have helped IC professionals to shape and develop their communications skills – from improving their organisation’s way of working to influencing strategy and channels, and enhancing storytelling skills.

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