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Inspirational storytelling

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You’ve heard about the power of storytelling, but what does it really mean? How can you apply the principles every great Hollywood screenwriter knows to a corporate announcement about a new HR policy? Book this practical internal communications course for up to nine members of your team and we’ll share some of Sequel’s extensive experience in storytelling across many different formats and channels. Our knowledgeable trainers will build on our course framework to develop a session that’s right for you, giving you knowledge and skills that you can apply now and in the future.

Top three things you’ll learn


Why storytelling works


The elements of all powerful stories


How you can apply the theory to day-to-day IC activities, whether you’re writing or presenting





At one of
your offices,
or at Sequel HQ
79 Essex Road,
Islington, London
N1 2SF

Is it for me?

If you want to improve the quality and effectiveness of your communication and influencing skills then this session is for you. But we’ll build the content around your unique requirements, so we’ll ask three questions beforehand:

What is your favourite film / novel?

What challenges do you have in sharing stories?

What’s your number one question about storytelling?


1 to 3 people
4 to 6 people
7 to 9 people

Benefit from a discount when you book two three-hour sessions to be run at the same location on the same day. Contact us for more details.

Enquire about this BRICK module