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Is your intranet keeping you awake at night? Book this internal communications course for up to nine members of your team and we’ll share some of Sequel’s 15 years of experience of planning, designing, building and running intranets. Our knowledgeable trainers will build on our course framework to develop a session that’s right for you – and your intranet, whichever platform it’s built on.

Top three things you’ll learn


The characteristics of a best-in-class intranet


How to rejuvenate a stagnant intranet


How to assess your organisation’s appetite for social tools





At one of
your offices,
or at Sequel HQ
79 Essex Road,
Islington, London
N1 2SF

Is it for me?

If working with your intranet is giving you a headache, this session is for you. Whether you’re an intranet manager or a comms person with responsibility for content, we can help. But we’ll build the session around your unique requirements, so we’ll ask three questions beforehand:

What stage of evolution is your intranet at?

What research do you have to illustrate how it’s being used?

What is your biggest intranet-related frustration?


1 to 3 people
4 to 6 people
7 to 9 people

Benefit from a discount when you book two three-hour sessions to be run at the same location on the same day. Contact us for more details.

Enquire about this BRICK module